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The Main Thing is Frictionless Migration.

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Businesses faced with price increases from incumbent legacy contracts are struggling to transform their business and accelerate business by using best-of-breed modern solutions. Organizations that embrace the freedom of choice to use their software their way are seeing accelerated innovation and business outcomes.

BMC provides modern mainframe solutions with intelligently advanced mainframe development, testing, and deployment tools to help you innovate, test, and improve code faster than ever before, while AI and automation help keep business services available and efficient with predictive, automated, probable cause analysis and embedded expertise.

The Main Thing
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Service Management

At BMC, we are known for speed, agility, efficiency, and most of all, value in the areas of IT service management, automation, operations, multi-cloud challenges, and the mainframe.

For more than 40 years, BMC has been the backbone of the most prestigious companies in the world: 93% of the Fortune 500 and 84% of the Forbes Global 100 run on BMC.

The Main Thing is
Frictionless Migration

Achieving Continuous Delivery in Large MultiPlatform Enterprises

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A BMC Compuware Case Study: Using an Agile SCM Tool

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Changing any system or solution in an IT organization or technology stack can be painstaking and riddled with risk. BMC ensures your business will experience minimal business disruption while migrating to our solutions. BMC Mainframe Services offers the expertise to keep your business running through the entire process, ensuring your migration project is delivered on-time and that your team is fully trained.

Why Migrate?

Immediate Replacement

BMC will assist you with developing the best migration path, and BMC Services can even help complete the migration for you or in tandem with your IT resources. When replacing all incumbent products at once BMC will still ensure a frictionless migration with zero business disruption.

Scaled Replacement

With a scaled replacement approach BMC will work seamlessly with your IT resources and business users to define and develop the best migration path, taking an individual look at each incumbent product being replaced. The developed migration roadmap will act as the guiding principle behind the incumbent product migration inside your organization. BMC Services can ensure your business never experiences any disruption and will provide training to your IT resources, keeping your business running.

Run and Reinvent Your Mainframe with
Intelligent Automation


Transform mainframe systems management with a unified, AI-powered mainframe observability suite that:

  • Improves performance and availability through intelligent automation and remediation driven by AI/ML-powered analytics to find and fix problems before business services are impacted
  • Increases operational resiliency through actionable intelligence, embedded expertise, and simplified management
  • Simplifies systems management with a customizable interface that provides a single view and control of all resources

Leverage world-class data and transaction management with a solution designed for Db2 and IMS™ that also:

  • Ensures stability with always-available data and applications that run smoothly
  • Quickly backs up and recovers critical data assets to ensure greater data resiliency for your business
  • Automates database changes for higher quality and improved performance
BMC AMI Security

Only BMC AMI Security can automatically detect and respond to threats on the mainframe and is continuously informed by real-world penetration testing as new threats and indicators of compromise are unearthed. The solution monitors and automatically responds to threat events and has the industry’s largest library of Indicators of Compromise for the mainframe. BMC AMI Security also:

  • Integrates with leading SIEM systems for real-time visibility
  • Delivers actionable intelligence for incident responders
  • Addresses compliance mandates with alerts, audits, and reporting

Modernize and mainstream your mainframe application development with AMI DevX solutions that:

  • Empower developers at all experience levels to increase the quality, velocity, and efficiency of mainframe application development and delivery
  • Builds resiliency into your business to minimize disruption with testing and diagnostic tools
  • Enable cross-platform teams to manage mainframe applications, data, and operations with one process, one culture, and leading tools of choice

Achieve Agility with
Application Workflow Orchestration

Complex application workflows are no problem with Control-M, which simplifies application and data workflow orchestration on premises or as-a-service BMC Helix Control-M. Both solutions make it easy to build, define, schedule, manage, and monitor production workflows to ensure visibility and reliability and improve service level agreements (SLAs). Manage hundreds of integrations, eliminate automation blind spots, and embed your application workflow orchestration in your DevOps toolchain with the Control-M API.

Deliver advanced operational capabilities that are easily consumed by development, operations, and lines of business with:

  • End-to-end workflow connectivity of any application and data source and all your critical systems of record
  • Simple, scalable data pipelines and application workflow orchestration across hybrid and multicloud environments
  • SLA management with intelligent predictive analytics
  • Orchestration of file transfers alongside related application workflows

The Power Of Automation


Your Company's IT

Intelligent Automation helps improve service performance, availability, and customer experiences while simultaneously improving efficiency and lowering costs. It enables ITOM/ITSM teams to shift their attention from maintenance to more strategic tasks and innovations that deliver a competitive advantage.

Operations Solutions

Businesses achieve real value when using BMC Helix Operations Management with AIOps, which leverages ML to identify, analyze, and resolve application and infrastructure problems quickly. Identify root cause of issues and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) with expedited troubleshooting and automated remediation made simple with hundreds of integrations.

The solution aligns IT resources with the services demanded by your business to help you plan, manage, and optimize on-premises and cloud resources. This unified approach provides a single view of the health of business services as well as insights that reduce risk and increases efficiency. Other benefits includes:

  • Eliminating the need to manage thousands of traditional, static thresholds for event generation
  • Reducing false alarms and associated incidents
  • Minimizing the need to manually define, configure, and maintain correlation rules and policies
  • Grouping events for better visibility by role, geography, or technology

Next-Generation Service Management

BMC Helix ITSM is a powerful, people-centric solution that leverages emerging technologies such as AI/ML to create and resolve incidents faster with intelligent, context-aware, and proactive incident matching, while delivering a seamless service experience across multicloud environments. Companies making the switch to BMC Helix ITSM have experienced a 361 percent ROI in three years, with a 45 percent increase in service desk efficiency.

The Helix ITSM suite delivers:

  • Incident and problem management
  • Knowledge management
  • Multicloud service management
  • Smart reporting
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Asset management
  • Configuration management
  • Service request management
  • Service level management

Why Stop at Replacement? Why Not Automate Everything, Everywhere?

To keep pace with the competition and successfully evolve from legacy approaches, organizations must deliver applications and capabilities quickly with a DevOps approach, manage and maximize big data, and orchestrate complex, new digital services in multicloud environments.

By automating workflows, file transfers, application deployment, data center functions, database activities, and more, organizations can rededicate their efforts toward business innovations and growth rather than daily operations. Automation also:

  • Streamlines the orchestration of business applications to deliver better apps faster—by embedding workflow orchestration into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Extends DevOps collaboration with a Jobs-as-Code approach
  • Simplifies workflows across hybrid and multicloud environments with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform integrations
  • Delivers data-driven outcomes faster, managing big data workflows in a scalable way
  • Enables intelligent file movement and enhanced visibility
  • Orchestrates file transfers alongside related application workflows

Compuware joins BMC to empower the next generation of developers.

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How Application Workflow Orchestration Unlocks IT Agility and Innovation

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Does your DevOps ecosystem include your mainframe? It should.

Experience Modernization

The Main Thing
is what's best for our clients

BMC goes beyond best of breed solutions. Through our Federation of Solution Providers, we join forces with the best technology companies worldwide to put our clients’ needs first, and deliver best of breed for every component, customized to their business.

Freedom of Choice
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BMC and it's worldwide federation of great technology companies deliver best of breed solutions that put our customers needs first.

  • Focus: IT Operations, Infrastructure Management, Automation, Security, DevOps, Mainframe
  • Pricing: Transparent
  • Reach: 93% of The Fortune 500
  • Experience: 250+ years on complex IT solutions
  • Choice: Dozens of product alternatives
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The Main Thing is
Having a Plan

Breaking free from your existing vendors may seem like an overwhelming challenge. Making a plan is the first step in turning this challenge into an opportunity to embrace the future and seamlessly migrate to BMC, gaining agility, scalability, efficiency, and drive business outcomes; uncovering business insights with the power of AI. BMC can help you make that plan and provide a clear picture of a future without your existing vendor.

Make a Plan
Make a Plan